• It all started when Ken Macgregor (aka Mr Mac), moved with his family from Melbourne to Perth, Western Australia.
  • He then established a pie and cake wholesale business called 'Bakewell Pies'.


1960s & 1970s

  • Things were going well, so it was time to move to a new site in Morley.
  • Close to the city, transport and employees, the Morley site is instrumental in allowing the business to grow.
  • Iain Macgregor, son of the first Mr Mac, recognises an opportunity, and joins Mrs Mac’s.
  • The bakery enjoys significant growth, serving fresh pies and pastries to our ever-growing customer base.



  • A big day: The Mrs Mac’s brand is born. The mission is to set new standards for meat pies, pasties and sausage rolls in Australia.
  • A new standard: Mrs Mac’s pioneers the glass front pie warmer in Australia allowing for great in-store display and helping to drive sales.
  • The business ships its first products outside WA into the Northern Territory and beyond.



  • The Mrs Mac's Traditional Beef Pie drives the successful expansion into Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and, goes globally into New Zealand.
  • The Mrs Mac’s bakery gets upgraded with new manufacturing and packaging equipment, to meet the growing demand of Mrs Mac’s lovers across the country.
  • Another new standard: a new display unit with angled glass front and feature lighting is developed to enhance product display.
  • A range of healthier-eating products with a reduced fat and sodium content, is developed in conjunction with schools and health authorities.



  • Launch of the Bakehouse Classic Microwave range into supermarkets in Western Australia, expanding into New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria over the following 12 months.
  • A new Head Office is built to provide much needed space and allow for an even more professional operation.
  • Exported Bakehouse Classic Microwave products move into select supermarkets in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Hot Hold merchandising units, based on newly applied technology to transfer heat, lead to superior display and holding features.



  • Mrs Mac's gets a new look with exciting changes that ensure the pie landscape – and Mrs Mac’s - will look better than ever. The packaging is new. So are the POS, signage, advertising, social media and promotions the Western Australian pie company are planning to put behind it.
  • The catchy tagline “If it’s not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back” is at the centre of radio, print, TV and point of sale.
  • In 2017, Mrs Mac’s became the only Australian pie manufacturer to received BRC Global Certification which it is the highest global food safety certification available.

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What's in a Pie?

Mrs Mac’s manufacture daily in Morley with more than 85% of ingredients being sourced locally in Western Australia, including
2800 tonnes per annum of prime 100% WA beef, 4800 tonnes per annum of flour sourced from premium WA wheat.


We source fresh, meat produce from local Australian farms, then ground and dice as much beef as possible on our bakery premises.


We source our Free-range chicken from the South-West region of Western Australia. Browse our pies and rolls to find out which ones contain Free-range chicken.


We use around 17 tonnes of wheat flour ground from premium Australian wheat.


We use 1.3 tonnes of cheese in our products each day.


We use a range of frozen and freshly prepared vegetables, delivered every day from local growers where possible.